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Original military brother and Cao Fang staged a one-on-one contest! What's the extent of this lifting? They're going crazy

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Original title: brother Jun and Cao Fang stage one-on-one competition! What's the extent of this lifting? They are all going crazy

July 26, Yueyang, Hunan.

In that town, there are the most beneficial venues, the most beneficial atmosphere, the most beneficial weather, and most importantly, their favorite basketball, as well as a group of crazy people crazy about the ball.


can let a group of young boys and girls gather in a song under the stuffy summer weather, which is no better than a wonderful basketball game.

The focus of a basketball match is no better than the match between two famous masters.

According to brother Jun, it was the first time that he and Cao Fang met on that day. According to Cao Fang, the elder martial brother was recovering from a serious injury, and he would visit him next time.

Cao Fang won, and it was hard to win; Junge lost, he lost comfortably. The former is superior to speed and strength, while the latter is composed of rhythm and solemnity.

It must be hard for you to imagine that these two streetball players, who are in the same boat, have totally different origins.

Cao Fang, a member of the standard academy, once worked in the Cuba men's basketball team of Beijing University of technology, and led the team to the top four. Later, he was covered with more and more street labels: CL, Dongdan, grassland.

Some people say that he is unique, others say he is fancy. But whenever he looks at the ball and sees his head hitting one hit after another, he always inspires the deep emotion of the fans.

CBA has tried three times and failed three times for the fast airship program, one year, two years and three years in the grass-roots talent show of


Later, he no longer participated in the draft, but I fresh his heart, there is still a dream land, who is called to do things.

Martial brother and a lot of streetball players are at odds. High school contacts basketball. College students are the first to take video on the Internet and learn to do with stars.

It is said that he has a congenital ability to learn the first line of work very quickly, and he has become the overlord of class and college competitions.

After graduating from University, Junge found a suitable game planning job, but always felt there was a deviation.

Yixiang, becoming a streetball player is his dream.

For the sake of his basketball dream, this madman decided to do something in the screen house and shoot a basketball video. What's more, he really became one of the hottest Street players in China.

In fact, in China, there are still a lot of people like brother Jun and Cao Fang yunyun who have lost their arms for basketball.

Although we can't do things that we can't communicate with them, we can't help but want to support them when we think about their approval.

Put it back to ten years ago, when grass-roots basketball culture was still in its infancy, the most popular grass-roots streetball players on the Internet were chili sauce, bones, and those Chinese people.

Eat grass root basketball in China? It's just like a fool talking about a dream.

until the summer of 2017, Anta's journey to madness started for the first time.

A group of players, a RV, thousands of kilometers of road, through many cities, we for the first time realized this group of madmen from the street.

Perhaps the story of each player is different, but their love of basketball and their crazy attitude are all in common with us.

This time, they got the stage to display their talents and the opportunity to get close to Thompson.

Zheng Huijie and onion brother also became famous here, because \